What types of photography sessions do you offer?

While we mostly specialize in family, couples, maternity, and newborn photography…we still offer a wealth of experience in a wide-range of situations. No job is too big or too small.  Here are some examples of the work that we have done for our customers.

  • Newborn Portraits
  • Maternity Portraits
  • Engagement Portraits
  • Family Portraits
  • Holiday Portraits
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Birthday Parties
  • Anniversary Parties

Where will you take our photos?

We photograph in studio, at the client home, or on location (client chooses a location; such as, the park, a rustic location, open fields, etc.)   We can also attend birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations or any other special occasion that you would like us to capture!

When can I expect to receive my images?

The turnaround time is approximately 14 days.

Is hair and makeup included in the session?

Hair and makeup is not included. Professional makeup and newly styled hair is highly recommended.

Can I have the raw files?

No. Under no circumstance will we release raw files.

When should I book my maternity session?

Most clients book in their first or second trimester! Booking early guarantees availability as the calendar fills very quickly. If you’re 36 weeks and just now reading this, please check and see if we have availability. We fit in last minute maternity clients all the time. As a note, last minute clients are sometimes very limited in location choice due to the calendar already being full.

What if it rains on my scheduled session date?

If your session is taking place outdoors, we’ll reschedule to another date! We reserve backup dates in our calendar for this reason so that we can guarantee our availability to our clients. Please note that a weekend backup date is not guaranteed and a weeknight may be the only availability. If your session is in the studio, rain will not warrant a reschedule.

Will my photos be edited?

We do lightly edit our photos, but since our style is more natural we normally don’t do heavy edits unless the blemish severely compromises the beauty of the image. Unnecessary heavy edits may incur an additional fee.

What are your prices?

View more about our photo session prices here.

What should we wear for our photo session?

Please try to coordinate your outfits and avoid clothing with large logos, bright colors or wording.  This will distract from the subject(s) in the photograph.  Here are some suggestions to help you prepare for your session:

  • Choose solid colored clothing so that we can see all of your faces and no specific person will stand out in the session.
  • Choose muted tones so that you are the subject and not your outfits.
  • Choose similar tones for your top and bottom.  If you choose a lighter top and darker bottoms, it will make your top look larger and vice versa.
  • Select a few colors with similar tones when there will be multiple people in your session or you can choose the matching look, but that is up to you.
  • Choose tops with sleeves or at least to your elbow.  Your arms take up more skin area than your face and have a tendency of making your arms look larger.
  • Choose accessories appropriate for the outfits you choose and try to pick timeless pieces.
  • Style your hair and makeup in a way you would normally style it for the type of outfit you choose.
  • Plan your outfit days before your session so you can get plenty of rest the night before your session and are not rushing the day of your session to pull everything together.
  • You can view more information about what to wear and how to prepare for your session here.

How do I schedule a session?

Please contact us to verify we are available on the day you desire.  For outdoor sessions, we suggest early morning appointments or late afternoon appointments in order to obtain the best lighting.