The thing about professional photography, is that it’s not just about capturing the photo… it’s about how you share it.

When you purchase a photo session and digital images or photo products, you aren’t just paying for the time and the talent of your photographer… you are investing in quality artwork to display in your home, on social media, and to share with your loved ones.

We love the idea of digital images. As long as computers and the internet are alive (and it’s a pretty safe bet that they will be for a long time) you have access to your photos. But we adore the idea of physical prints and photo products. One of the main purposes of purchasing digital images is to be able to print them out and put them in frames and display them in your home. Canvases, metal and wood art, photo books, and many other photo products have taken a rise and let me tell you, we are HERE for it!

We love filling our own home with artwork and rearranging it frequently to match whatever design mood that we are in. And that’s why we are so adamant about the importance of having digital and physical copies of photos. Because you have photos and artwork that will last you through generations! Especially because Phoenix Productions ATL is partnered with heirloom quality professional photo labs that are dedicated to delivering artwork that lasts for nearly a lifetime.

So, our point in saying all of this is to say this: when you’re looking at the packages and prices below, think about the investment that you are making in having something to pass on to later generations. You can’t put a price tag on that.

Anyway, enough of our yapping. Let’s get to the good stuff…


Session fee $300 | 6o min session | Up to 5 people | Prints, products & digital images sold separately.

Typical client investment $825-$1825


Collections starting at $525

Fine art products offered include canvases, framed images, keepsake albums, and more.

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