One of the things that we specialize in is graphic and merchandise design. We work on helping groups and businesses like yours create memorable merchandise for your members, employees, investors, and more!

Having merchandise and products that represent your group is not only important for promoting unity among your group, but it is also a way of advertising and getting your name out there. Designing products and merchandise can be difficult and time consuming and something so important that you want to leave it in the hands of the professionals.

That’s where we come in. We design quality, professional looking products that will promote your group in a positive way. We also have bundle kits that help you save time and money by purchasing all of the essentials at one time from one place with a discounted price.

*Bundles are priced per person.

  • (1)T-Shirt only: $25 per person

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  • T-Shirt, Water Bottle, and Custom Pen: $50 per person.

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  • T-Shirt, Water Bottle, Custom Pen, and Drawstring Bag: $75 per person.

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*If you buy 25 of any package, we will throw in free wall flyers. (Min.Order Amount: $625)

Please contact us at or call/text 404-721-1081 to place an order or to find out more information.